Profile on ‘Teach Learn Lead’

imgresTeach Learn Lead is a relatively new virtual network for teachers. It started up as a way to keep teachers connected following the Teaching and Learning Conference produced by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Their website offers this description:

Teach Learn Lead is dedicated to supporting, encouraging and connecting new teachers and educators like us navigating our early career in the classroom.

Join us to share your stories, experiences and learn from each other as each of us navigate the rewards and challenges of building our practice and career. We’re in this together.

Though the National Board is based in Alexandria, VA, Teach Learn Lead’s organizers and moderators are based in Palo Alto. Lucky for me! I had a chance to meet some of their staff in person, and I also did a phone interview that led to a profile of my work. I appreciate how much time they took transcribe that conversation, and likewise appreciate the opportunity to share some thoughts about teaching, teacher leadership, and public education.

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