Looking for Good News on Education? Check Your Local Paper

Lake Elsinore

Lake Elsinore

As I’m spending time traveling to gather material for blog posts and a book about public schools and their teachers, I’m finding myself in parts of California I’ve never visited before, despite living in the state most of my life. This week I’m mostly in Riverside County, and today, with no school visits to focus on, I went to Lake Elsinore for a lunch meeting. While I was out there, I picked up a copy of a free local newspaper, The Valley News, and as I often do in new places, I looked for reporting on schools or education. What a pleasant surprise it was to find so much positivity regarding local schools, students, and teachers!

When it comes to thoughts and attitudes about public schools, the public thinking shows a dynamic similar to what happens when people are asked about Congress: they generally have positive opinions about their own schools, or representatives, but negative opinions about the larger institutions and and broader situations.

And why shouldn’t they? Well, the larger view is largely composed of everyone else’s local view. It’s easy to assume negatives about education in small places you’ve never heard of, given the steady drumbeat of bad news about public education at the state or national level.

But here’s my one little data point for the day. Look at the most recent education stories in The Valley News. It’s all good:

Tea with Gwen attracts admirers of longtime educator Gwendolyn Schlange

She served as a teacher at Little Lake Elementary School in Hemet for some 40 years. She dedicated herself for more than 20 years as a trustee on the Mt. San Jacinto College board. Gwendolyn Schlange …
December 13th 2014

Assistance League of Temecula Valley awards grants to local educators

Assistance League of Temecula Valley recently awarded teacher grants, in the amount of $750 each, to eight Murrieta Valley Unified School District teachers and 10 Lake Elsinore Unified School District…
December 13th 2014

Tony Tobin Elementary School teacher recognized for her “Teacher Spirit”

A teacher’s role involves more than simply standing in front of their students in the classroom and lecturing. An effective teacher understands that teaching involves wearing many hats to ensure that …
December 13th 2014

First year Orchestra program at TVHS to hold upcoming fundraisers in Old Town

Temecula Valley High School’s first year orchestra, led by Mrs. Fuhr, would like to compete in the spring and will be having fundraisers in December to raise money for the program. The goal for the Or…
December 5th 2014

Azusa Pacific University informational meeting for people interested in becoming a teacher, guidance counselor, or principal

MURRIETA – People who are interested in becoming teachers, guidance counselors, or principals are invited to learn more about these rewarding careers at a free Graduate/Credential Information Meeting …
December 5th 2014

Vista Murrieta High School once again shines in canned food drive

So, maybe if you need a dose of positive news about schools, teachers, and students, the place to look is locally. Don’t count on Time or Newsweek to share the good things happening for kids and adults in a school near you. I also invite you to subscribe to this blog, and to my occasional email updates, using the tools below.

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