Daniel Pink’s Recommendation

Daniel Pink at the NBPTS Conference, 2011.

Daniel Pink at the NBPTS Conference, 2011.

Many thanks to Daniel Pink (author of one of my favorite books, Drive) for offering this endorsement of my book!

In CAPTURING THE SPARK, David Cohen shares his year-long trek through California’s public school system, from elementary to high school, where he found daily examples of the kind of enthusiastic learning teachers can foster through a well-defined sense of autonomy, mastery, and purpose. If you’re looking for reasons to be hopeful about public education, read this story of optimism and excellence.
Many thanks to Dan for this quote, and the vote of confidence it represents. Drive, for those who don’t know, is a book about motivation, and it has been a constant point of reference for me since I read it. It helps me understand myself, my students, my sons, and the strengths and weaknesses of a wide variety of workplace practices and policies. Check it out if you haven’t yet read it. Here are a couple of prior blog posts where you can see the way I’m using Drive in conversations about teaching (once right here, once at a prior blog site).
cts_frontAnd if you haven’t yet checked out Capturing the Spark, you can learn more at the book website, CapturingTheSpark.com, or take the plunge and go straight to purchasing the book:
Amazon: print or Kindle
Smashwords – for other electronic formats
You can also search for the book through other online vendors or ask your local book store to do a special order!

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