La Quinta High School Invests in Career Education Pathways

The gallery below features pictures from La Quinta High School, specifically the facilities for the Culinary Arts Academy and the Medical Health Academy. The high quality of these new buildings and instructional spaces ends up sending a clear message to students and the community – that the school, district, and policy makers have high expectations for student learning during high school, and clear intentions of helping them develop interests and skills that lead to success in post-secondary studies or careers.

I was told that the kitchen, with its high quality professional equipment and ample space, has the capacity to allow food preparation for a 600-person event. On the medical side, the patient care areas (“bays”) provide students with professional-grade clinical equipment to do basic, non-invasive medical exam procedures. In both buildings, the lecture/demo area is directly connected to the areas dedicated to practice, with ample space to accommodate large groups.

[EDIT 1/5/15: I spent most of my day at La Quinta observing my former student, Stephanie Smith, now an English teacher there. Read more about that experience!]

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