Tell Your Story, Make a Difference

[UPDATE: technical issues with video embed are fixed.]

In July 2017, I was a featured speaker among many statewide in the California Teachers Summit. At dozens of sites around the state, teachers gathered together for a day of learning and discussion about our work. I was honored to be invited to deliver an “EdTalk” at San Francisco State University. I have previously shared the prepared, written version of the talk, though there were minor variation in the way it was eventually delivered. See for yourself in the video below. Thank you very much to the California Teacher Summit for inviting me to speak, to Daina Lujan for suggesting it, and to the staff at San Francisco State for putting on a great event and providing this video. (Jump to the 2:15 mark if you want to bypass introductory contents of the video). And if the talk captures your interest, you might want to check out Capturing the Spark: Inspired Teaching, Thriving Schools. If you’d like to buy copies for educators or an education organization, contact me for bulk order discounts.

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