Special offer if you buy my book from Smashwords

swlogoIf you enjoy books in electronic formats, you should know about Smashwords. For people looking for an alternative to Amazon and Kindle, Smashwords is an up-and-coming distributor of ebooks, and if you order my e-book somewhere other than Amazon, then Smashwords is the actually the source that’s providing the book to those other vendors (like Barnes & Noble and Apple).

cts_frontYou can also buy directly from Smashwords, and to encourage more folks to try it out, I’m offering a 30% discount for direct downloads from their site. When you go to the checkout screen, just use the coupon code PX74B. (The coupon is good through March 31, 2017).

And why would you want the ebook instead of the paperback? There’s the usual conveniences that ebook readers enjoy, like having lots of books on one device, and my favorite – searchable text. What I like the most about this ebook, however, is the photography! So you get color pictures instead of the black-and-white in print, and, way more of them. Enjoy!

P.S. – a note to Kindle users: I have no control over their pricing, but here’s the link (which will work for buying the paperback as well).

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