Road Trip Tunes: Pat Metheney’s “Letter From Home”

As a little diversion from educational posts, I’m going to write about music now and then. This is the first post in that category. I hope you’ll comment if you like the songs, and share some suggestions for new music in the comments section as well.

I’ve been in the Los Angeles area for a week now, which is a homecoming for me. I’m driving around and constantly seeing reminders of family, friends, and experiences that had a considerable impact on my life. And at the same time, the number of years I’ve lived outside of L.A. is now most of my life, and the L.A. years are further and further in my past. I’m driving around alone most of the time, which puts me in a contemplative mood, and if I’m in certain areas, every sign and street and turn seems to present a place I used to know. I used to have a life here.

Today being Sunday, my driving was all about visiting friends and family, and the soundtrack for my Sunday driving was a Pat Metheney live album. I’m not a huge Pat Metheny fan, but this song has always been a favorite, and it just fit my mood perfectly today.

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