Lightning Talk at Stanford

I recently had the opportunity to deliver a “lightning talk” at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education, as the opening of a seminar titled, “Technology in Schools: Now What? Changes in Policy and Links to Outcomes in California.” The event’s featured speakers were Dr. Michael Kirst, President of the California State Board of Education and also a professor emeritus at Stanford, and Dr. Darryl Adams, Superintendent of Coachella Valley Unified School District. Their combined knowledge, experience, and expertise made for an outstanding evening of learning and discussion. My job was to kick off the event with a five minute talk that would offer a provocative question or interesting frame for the discussion. The unique aspect of a “lightning talk” is that the length is very specifically prescribed, and the slides used in the talk are automatically timed (which is why you’ll see me playing catch-up with several of them). The title for my talk was “Flipped Instruction, or Flipped Accountability? Seeking Equity in Public Education.” The video embedded below starts with my talk, and continues for the length of Kirst’s and Adams’ presentations, and then into a Q&A panel with all three of us participating.


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