Calexico, Just In Time

So on the off chance you’ve seen any of my other music posts, you know that they’re more about fitting the music to the trip rather than a focus on new releases. But this time, kismet! The perfect album for the trip just came out!

I didn’t actually go to Calexico on this trip, but I came close enough to snap this picture.

photo (4)


I also downloaded the deluxe edition of the new album by the band Calexico, titled Edge of the Sun. If you already like the band, then you know what to expect and shouldn’t hesitate to pick it up. If you don’t know the band, I’d highly recommend getting to know them. They’re from Tucson, AZ, and have been making some great music over the course of eight albums in two decades. Their collaborations with Iron & Wine and Band of Horses suggest some of their Americana and indie rock connections and influences, but the most distinctive thing about their sound is the brass and the twangy guitar, giving their songs a Southwestern and Latin/Cuban flavor, made complete with a fair amount of singing in Spanish. There’s some Ry Cooder in here (his collaborations with Buena Vista Social Club and Manuel Galbán especially), but with some lush arrangements and harmonies as well. Again, if you know their prior work, you know they pull these genres and international influences consistently, but it still sounds fresh. A Calexico album is like a great meal, with a variety of complex flavors that complement each other without being pretentious, well-presented and paced, with some lighter bites, a hearty main course, and a dessert that leaves you satisfied but not over-full.

Here’s the opening track from Edge of the Sun. It’s probably my favorite song at the moment, perhaps because they open up and let this one rock out of a bit more. Enjoy!


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