Bedley Brothers Podcast

    Scott and Tim Bedley

Near the end of 2017 it was my pleasure to be a guest on the Bedley Brothers EdChat podcast (episode embedded below, and here’s a link to their show with many other worthwhile podcasts to listen to). Tim and Scott Bedley are both educators in southern California, and in recent years they’ve done some great work independently and together to promote better teaching and learning. When I was just starting to work on my book, I went on their show to talk about my plans. During my year of travel and school visits, I met both Tim and Scott in person, separately, which made the research that much better and the experience more fun.

This more recent conversation provided a chance to come full circle and talk about what I learned on that journey. They challenged me with a California trivia contest – see if you can answer more questions correctly than I did. And there’s also a coupon code mentioned in the podcast that will get you a 30% discount if you buy the epub format of my book via If you enjoy reading ebooks, I think you’ll really like the digital version of Capturing the Spark, which has tons of bonus color pictures. (If you’re a Kindle user, you won’t be able to take advantage of the coupon, but the Kindle edition is available via Amazon.)

Enjoy the podcast!

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